All-in-one Softswitch VoIP operating system for competitive service providers. Advanced solution with billing, monitoring, reporting, trunk management, call routing, IVR, GSM Modem support for calls and sending SMS, e interconnection between servers.

Some features

Create gateways for authentication with SIP trunks, PSTN terminations, or interconnects servers.

Control the output routes for calls by choosing the destination trunk call. DID for incoming calls or internal routing for groups.

Group rates for plans for better financial management.

For those who want to sell or limit the calls, has detailed management of destination for calls rates.

Creating SIP extensions. Flexible for use by ISPs, Hotels, Carriers and many more types of companies. With control by extension POS-PAID or PREPAID.

Detailed control of calls made in the system, view, cancel or record a call in real time.

Our Platform

Administrative Panel Web-based Desktop and simplified. Fully manageable from a modern browser and in accordance with web standards

Operating System quickly and safely, based on FreeBSD 64-bits. Can be installed in any existing machine, just having the ability to become a server.

Easy installation in 5 min, from a simple CD- ROM with only ~ 70MB .

Reports and graphs monitoring and performance in real time.

A large community of users, developers and integrators. With support classroom and virtual support.

The best value in the market: performance and stability in a 100% Brazilian solution.